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Over one hundred women share the pages of SOIL SISTERS, each sharing advice, experience and, most importantly, support for other "soil sisters" entering farming.  You'll meet women such as:



Cathy Linn-Thorstenson

Owner of Wise Acres Farm in North Carolina, Cathy shares her story of moving from the urban corporate scene of Chicago to organic strawberry U-Pick.









Natasha Bowens

Author of The Color of Food and the vision behind, Natasha shares her words on what it feels like to have her hands in the soil.











Lindsey Morris Carpenter

Owner of Grassroots Farm in Wisconsin, Lindsey narrates how to fit into without selling out in a rural area.










Faye Jones

Executive Director of the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

Faye talks about how she's seen the organic industry evolve since she started over 25 years ago and offers advice for the future for new female start-ups.

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