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SOIL SISTERS is the comprehensive and accessible guide for women from those new to agriculture to established, business-savvy female farmers on the lookout for innovative ideas and perspectives from other women.  
Women passionate about raising healthy food, farm living and organic practices come from a range of backgrounds and perspectives, such as:


  • An "Encore" farmer coming from a career history entirely different from farming, perhaps something that keeps you in a corporate cubicle for the majority of your waking hours when you'd rather have your hands in the soil.  Now at mid-life, you're ready to make this transition full steam ahead, blending your past experiences with new learnings in agriculture


  • A female farmer in business for a few years, looking to diversify to add income such as adding a farm-stay B&B, value-added products through cottage food law or serving meals on-farm.


  • A "Boomerang" returning to a family farm after having had careers and lives in other sector but fueled with a commitment to stewarding the family farm for generations to come.


  • A parent looking to create a farm-based lifestyle and livelihood where your kids can breath fresh air and roam free while learning the backbone of what it takes to run a family business.


  • A young "fledgling," high on enthusiasm but low on cash and experience. How can you take the next couple of years to create a solid foundation to launch a lifelong career in agriculture?


All these perspectives add up to a diversity of women committed to sustainable agriculture, transforming both farming and our food system for the better.  We're not cut from a cookie cutter mold but rather celebrate our multiplicities, uniqueness, colors and cultures as we are stronger together sharing our stories and learnings.

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