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The first collaborative and comprehensive start-up guide to support the record-breaking number women wanting to start farms, SOIL SISTERS:  A Toolkit for Women Farmers provides the how-to blueprint for females dreaming of bringing their agriculture business vision to life.   SOIL SISTERS uniquely synthesizes needed information and advice from seasoned women farmers committed to sustainable agriculture to catalyze and champion female farmer entrepreneurs.

SOIL SISTERS plows new ground by providing practical information and resources from a female perspective, a viewpoint that until now hasn't been championed in most farming resources.  Women bring different needs and perspectives to the table of agriculture, from the fact that we are ergonomically different to our commitment to stewarding the land and raising healthy food for our local communities.


Covering everything from business planning to tool use to integrating family into farm and field operations, SOIL SISTERS is a comprehensive blueprint for women who women who dream of bringing their vision of agricultural entrepreneurship to life.  

Bringing together seasoned advice and perspectives from over one hundred women pioneering this growth of females in agriculture, SOIL SISTERS roots in the collaborative community of support women bring to farming.  Trading competition for cooperation and celebrating community diversity, SOIL SISTERS goes beyond just start-up tips and strategies, the pages bring the reader into this national network of support we women warmly and openly give each other.  You will both know what to do but, more importantly, gain confidence knowing there's a sisterhood of other kindred spirited women who have your back.  Together we're doing more than bringing broccoli, beets and beef to market:  we're fundamentally transforming farming for a new sustainable era.

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