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Start that tractor. 


Pull on your boots. 


Plant those seeds.


Grow your farm dream.

SOIL SISTERS shares and celebrates farming for women, by women.

#1 Amazon New Release in Agriculture!


For those who have dreamed of relocating to the countryside — and who possess two X chromosomes—this multifaceted guide to organic farming is ideal. Sprinkled throughout the book are "Idea Seeds" and "Tool Sheds" that provide agricultural advice as well as information about women-centered farming non-profits and other like organizations. The book also includes detailed photographs and biographies of women who are thriving as farmers…This is a richly detailed book with lots of useful advice, and any woman (or man, for that matter) interested in farming would do well to read it.

—  Publishers Weekly


FEMME TO FARM: For those seeking to connect with nature on a professional level, Lisa Kivirist’s SOIL SISTERS takes some guesswork out of forging a life from the land.  In the spirit of nurturing community, she shares stories and bits of wisdom from a diverse mix of women with farming acumen while breaking down the basics,  from funding to trends (specialty foods and agritourism, anyone?), livestock to licensing. Brief, useful resource lists and illuminating case studies pepper the main text, making Kivirist’s manual a thorough and fertile resource.

—  BookPage

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